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About us

ANJI JIFANG FURNITURE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is a OEM/ODM factory that specializes in Gaming Chairs ,office chairs and bar stool .In the past 3 years , we have more than 100 employees .And we have top Product Design&Development Department and strict QP,QC,QI system .Our pursuit of unparalleled&smooth appearance meet the players' aesthetic standards , Cool ,Higher end ,Dream like Insistence of ergonomics design ,relieving player's fatigue by reliable functional hardware and moderate internal filler .Customer Commitment:IMPROVING YOUR BRAND IDENTIFICATION: Ensure that the appearance&quality of cargos are good as the samples(And the picture we show you).

COOPERATION GUARANTEE: A shorter period of delivery time .Best payment terms .Good and stable price .


Contact: Andy Wei

Phone: 15557212466

Tel: 15557212466

Whatsapp: +86-1557212466

Email: Andy@gfrun.com

Add: No.555,Changshuo Road ,Anji County Huzhou City ,Zhejiang Province .

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